Terano Solar Water Heater TR SWH 150PS

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Specification of Terano Solar Water Heater TR SWH 150PS

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Terano Solar Water Heater (SWH), Solar powered water heater or no electricity is available to complement your hot water needs.

This product has affordable prices and the best quality of the latest technology.

This device is equipped with a rust-free water storage tank and made of stainless steel coated with POLYURETHANE.

Terano SWH will give you a warranty of up to 5 years, established after-sales service, and installation of products handled by professional technicians.

Product excellence:

1. Free of operational costs.

2. The latest technology from German (Vaccum Tube).

3. A valuable investment at an affordable price. Energy saving and environmentally friendly.

4. Save heat efficiently (low heat loss). Guarantee up to 5 years.

Benefits of Using Terano Solar Water Heater:

1. Get free energy without direct costs from sunlight.

2. Adequate hot water needs for all family members, especially for infants and the elderly.

3Give a sense of freshness and relaxation when bathing and soaking in warm water.

4. Can remove stains and fats and increase the hygiene of your laundry.

5. Increase the prestige of your home or property.

6. According to maintaining the environment (Go Green). It is ideal for use in homes, villas, hotels, apartments, hospitals, spas, boarding houses and more.

1. Wall in SUS 304 stainless steel tank

2. Insulate the Polyurethane tank

3. Painted steel outer wall / stainless steel SUS 304


* Non Pressure / Direct Type

1 TR-SWH 150 capacity of 150 liters

2 TR-SWH 200 with a capacity of 200 liters

3 TR-SWH 300 capacity of 300 liters

* Pressure Indirect type

1 TR-SWH 150 PS capacity of 150 liters

2 TR-SWH 200 PS Capacity 200 Liters

3 TR-SWH 300 PS Capacity of 300 Liters

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